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Gold Buyer in Middletown, New Britain & Wallingford, CT

An excellent value for instant payment on gold

Need money fast? At Meriden Pawn, we understand the value of your gold, jewelry and other property. We pride ourselves on evaluating your items quickly so you can receive instant payment.

A history of local expertise

Meriden Pawn has been serving Meriden, CT since 1995. Our experienced team is committed to providing our customers with quality merchandise, low prices and great service. We also provide fast, friendly and confidential loans. Come visit us and see what a quality pawn shop experience is all about!

Gold Buyer in Middletown, CT

Extensive exchange services - your premier gold buyer

In today’s market where gold is booming and prices continue to rise, the King of Gold can pay you top dollar for any amount of gold presented to us in Meriden. We also buy jewelry and electronic items, along with offering brokerage and check cashing services. Don’t let the fear of a low value deter you from coming in. Your “junk” could be worth much more than you realize. Let our experienced staff be the judge and get big bucks in your hands today.

Give us a call or use the form on our contact page for information about getting instant payment for gold, jewelry, electronics and much more at Meriden Pawn. We gladly service the communities of Meriden, Middletown, New Britain and Wallingford.