Can you Pawn 9K Gold in the USA?

The answer is yes. You can pawn 9K gold in the United States Do you have 9k gold to sell or pawn? Are you wondering if your local pawnbroker will take it? In short, yes you can sell and pawn...

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How do Pawnshops Test Gold?

It's not possible to determine the quality of gold from a visual inspection alone, and hallmarks aren't a cast-iron guarantee either. Because of this, most pawnshops may wish to test your gold jewelry. It is highly likely they will use...

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Can You Pawn 10k Gold?

Of the common purities of gold, 10k (karat) is the lowest; this means that it has the least amount of pure gold in it, the rest is made up of other metals. 10k gold in percentage terms amounts to 41.7%...

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5 DIY Ways to Test if You Have Real Gold

Gold is one of the most counter-fitted products in the world. It doesn't help that gold containing products come in a wide variety of forms.  Pure gold (24 karat), gold alloy (less than 24 karat), solid gold, gold plated, white...

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Why do Gold Buyers Ask for ID?

If you try to sell gold to any pawnbroker in CT and don't have your ID, you'll be turned away.  It's nothing personal, it's just a simple fact of selling gold in the US. All pawnbrokers in the United States are...

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When is the best time to sell gold?

Like most markets, gold prices go up and down and what you get for your gold today might be different to what you get for it tomorrow.  But what determines this? How can you know when it’s the best time...

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Staying Safe When Selling Gold in CT


Selling unwanted gold is a popular way of raising some extra cash; buyers know this.  The global gold exchange market is well over $2 trillion.  This of course attracts a lot of players who don’t quite play by the rules,...

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