Buying Affordable Gold Jewelry at Meriden Pawn Shop

Are you in the market for buying gold jewelry?  Purchasing second hand at a local pawnshop you can often find quality pieces that provide significant savings compared to retail jewelry stores.  Shop smart and buy from a local store where you can see and try the item on and have confidence in a well established business with an honest reputation.


Buying gold jewelry from a pawnshop in CT

Most pawnshops test all of the gold jewelry that comes into their stores; they use these tests to determine the minimum gold level of an item.  The primary test that pawnshops use to test gold is the acid test.  The tests that these shops do on gold helps to filter out any fake jewelry and keep buyers safe.

Most pawnshops buy and sell jewelry such as gold, silver, platinum etc..  Meriden Pawn is no exception, in fact our owner here Mike Martorelli is locally known as “The Gold King“.

Pawnshops usually buy and sell good quality jewelry and take time to carefully inspect all items before putting them for sale in their store.


Save money on gold jewelry at your local pawnshop

You can make significant savings compared to retail prices and can have the confidence of a locally trusted business rather than a more risky online purchase where you cannot physically see the item.


Could the item by stolen?

These days pawnshops work closely with police and criminal databases.  They also record all transactions to restrict chance of passing on fake or compromised jewelry to buyers.  When you shop for gold jewelry at your local pawnshop you can do so with confidence.