How to Clean Gold Jewelry before Selling It

Do you want to sell your piece of old jewelry to a pawnshop? Well, the grime, dirt, and stain accumulated over time will make it look worn out and devalued. While this often doesn’t matter in the case of scrap gold, and buyers such as pawnshops likely clean the item before selling it anyway, you […]

Does Gold Tarnish?

Whether gold tarnishes or not has become a basis of endless debates. Well, gold, in its pure form, does not tarnish. It is one of the least reactive chemical elements you will ever come across. However, when mixed with other minerals like copper in jewelry, it changes to dark decolorization. 24k gold is considered pure […]

Do Pawnshops Sell Real Gold?

A question we often hear asked about pawnshops is: Do you sell real gold? Many pawnshops buy and sell gold jewellery because it is desirable, holds it’s value and they know they can sell it in their shops.  Some people might assume the jewellery is cheap or even fake.  To some people pawnshops have a […]

Can you Get Paid for Damaged Gold Jewelry?

They say virtually all the gold ever mind still exists today.  This means that your old necklace for instance could have once been a watch, and in the future it could be a ring. It doesn’t matter if the jewelry is broken, the gold still holds it’s value.  It can be sold as scrap, melted […]

Selling Gold During the Coronavirus Shutdown

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Gold has traditionally been a safe haven for savers, in 2008 when the markets crashed around the world, gold was one of the few investments that received a return.  There are safer investments out there, but on the whole, gold generally remains steady. Today is no different. Since our last update on 6th March, gold […]

Carats vs Karats – What’s the Difference?

If you’re looking for some extra cash and have some gold jewelry about the house you think you might sell, you may be considering just how pure the gold is, and how much money you can make.  Or if you’re looking to buy gold perhaps you want a certain quality for that special loved one. […]

Gold Sellers Continue to Enjoy High Prices in 2020

The price of gold has grown steadily over the past year and gold sellers have been reaping the rewards. Selling scrap gold today will net you around 27% more than it would a year ago. At the time of writing the price of gold stands at around $1,650 per oz and $53 per g.   […]

Buying Affordable Gold Jewelry at Meriden Pawn Shop

Are you in the market for buying gold jewelry?  Purchasing second hand at a local pawnshop you can often find quality pieces that provide significant savings compared to retail jewelry stores.  Shop smart and buy from a local store where you can see and try the item on and have confidence in a well established […]

What’s Worth More – Yellow Gold, White Gold or Rose Gold?

Beyond what color you prefer, what are the differences between white gold, yellow gold and rose gold?  If you are looking for gold jewelry is one better to buy or sell than another? Generally speaking prices between the three are very similar however since their compositions differ there are small differences in how they are […]

Why we Don’t Provide Gold Loans

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Some pawnbrokers offer pawn loans where gold is the collateral.  Unfortunately at Meriden Pawn we are unable to offer any pawn loan in exchange for gold.  This is due to state regulation and to help prevent money laundering. We do provide pawn loans for other items if you are looking for cash now, such as […]