Jewelry Buyer in Middletown, New Britain & Wallingford, CT

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The price of gold keeps rising. If you are interested in selling some old gold pieces, Meriden Pawn is Meriden’s first choice in gold buyers. We are here to take that gold off your hands and replace it with big bucks in your pocket.

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To simply say “we buy gold” is an understatement. We pay top dollar for gold and we simply will not be outbid. We enjoy a large customer base in the Meriden, Middleton, New Britain and Wallingford areas. We have learned quickly that the only way to maintain our exceptional reputation is to provide our customers with a professional and knowledgeable staff that is ready to offer unbeatable prices for your jewelry.

The finest options

If you are in the market to buy jewelry we can help you too. Need a specific piece that’s hard to find? Look no further. Our jewelry inventory is extensive and can easily get you the unique piece you’ve been dying to own.

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