Come to Meriden Pawn to get the best price for scrap gold in CT

Selling scrap gold is a quick and convenient way to make some extra cash in Connecticut.  If extra cash is what you need bring your gold jewelry or other gold items for a quick valuation. You can walk away with cash the same day.

Sometimes jewelry or other gold items hold depressing memories or associations for people. People sometimes rather scrap the item rather than keep it. Oftentimes the scrap value can exceed the resale value for the item as a whole.

Meriden Pawn is a licensed pawnshop and specialist gold buyer with a long history of buying scrap at gold at competitive rates.

How selling scrap gold works

The price you are offered for scrapping your gold depends on the current market value.  These prices can change daily but there is often not a significant difference to the average consumer. Just as trying to time the stock market is a fool’s errand, there isn’t much benefit to waiting for the price of gold to rise further.

Is it worth more not scrapped?

Pawnshops that specialize in buying gold may sometimes offer you more money for your item as scrap. But there are a number of cases where the item is likely to be worth more.   Antique and branded jewelry and watches for instance hold significant value, often increasing in value as years go by.

Why sell your scrap gold at Meriden Pawn?

Do you still have questions about selling scrap gold? Feel free to contact us.