Selling Gold During the Coronavirus Shutdown

Gold has traditionally been a safe haven for savers, in 2008 when the markets crashed around the world, gold was one of the few investments that received a return.  There are safer investments out there, but on the whole, gold generally remains steady.

Today is no different.

Since our last update on 6th March, gold has been a little up and down.  The world as we know it has changed completely, lockdown was not even a prospect back then.

Despite the rise and falls the price of gold is still relatively steady; just 0.56% down compared to the price 30 days ago.

At the time of writing the price of gold stands at $1,594.67 per ounce or $51.28 per gram.

Also remember that this represents a 5.49% increase on 6 months ago, and 22.74% on a year ago.


Pawning and Selling Gold During the Coronavirus Shutdown

Pawnshops, unlike jewelers, fall under the bracket of financial institutions and are currently allowed to stay open during the Coronavirus epidemic.  If you need some cash to pay for necessities during the crisis you may look to your gold collection as a source of funds.

Meriden Pawn is currently open for you to bring your gold in for valuation. Please call before you visit as we are currently taking limited items.

Please read our Coronavirus update before you visit.


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