Buying / Selling Tech – We Pay Cash For Used Tech

Whether you’re buying or selling tech products in CT, Meriden Pawn is the place for you.

Meriden Pawn buys, sells and provides pawn loans for laptops, smartphones, tablets and desktop computers. Stop by if you’re interested in buying or selling tech products.

After a quick condition check you could be walking out of the door with instant cash for your tech!

What items do we accept?

We accept most well-known brands of phones, laptops, desktop PCs and digital cameras, digital radios and hi-fi systems. In the fall and winter we sometimes stock blowers and snow shovelers.  Our pawn shop has even sold washers and dryers in the past.

We consider age, hardware capability and cosmetic condition in our valuations; unfortunately we cannot accept all tech, even if it is working correctly.

Buying used tech at Meriden Pawn

Need a smartphone or laptop but don’t want to pay hundreds of dollars for a new phone?  Buy a second-hand device at Meriden Pawn for a fraction of the price as new.  Unlike buying on eBay you can physically see and touch the device before you buy it, and unlike a garage sale you know the item actually works before you but it.

But iPhones, Android smartphones, Asus and Samsung laptops and more with confidence at Meriden Pawn, trusted since 1995.

We buy phones and laptops

Do you need fast access to cash, but don’t want to part with your smartphone or laptop?  Pawn your tech at Meriden pawn and go home with money today.  Use your gadgets as collateral and we could give you cash on the spot.  When you can pay back the loan you can come back to reclaim your item.  All of our pawned items are kept fully secure on the premises.  We do not wipe any data or access your device while it is on pawn loan.

How does buying or selling tech work?

Bring your items to our pawnshop and wait for us to perform a quick valuation and check on condition.  We can usually offer an instant valuation providing the tech meets our criteria.